Making Peace With
The Shape of Things

For years I had this vision in my head of how I thought I should look. The truth is, it wasn’t a vision but, rather, a delusion. In my mind, I imagined a taller, sleeker version of Esta. In reality, I’m a 5’2 woman with a big personality and hips to match.

How do we reconcile what we are versus what we believe we should be? After many years of exploration, trial and error, I have learned that each of us is cut from a custom cloth, requiring uniquely exquisite solutions. There is no one nutrition or fitness regimen that works for everyone.

However, do not despair. I’ve learned that with a well-chosen team, it is possible to focus on health span rather than life span, traveling a road that leads us to being our most fit selves, aging gracefully and with dignity.

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Vitality expert and "pro-aging" expert, top-rated health and lifestyle coach, and author of the best-selling book ‘Fitness for Women Who Love to Eat and Hate to Move.’

I help ambitious women like you defy age so you perform better, accomplish more, and continue to make your mark on the world long after the average woman allows aging to stop her in her tracks.

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Client Experiences

"This brought it all home for me... I changed my eating habits (which I thought I could never do)... My triglycerides went down from 102 to 761. Esta continues to investigate and share the latest developments in the world of aging. I recommend Esta to anyone wanting to flourish and live his/her best life!" - Karen Yamamato

"I’m a judge, so I’m sedentary. I sit on a bench and wear a robe. The reason I came to see Esta is because I had no muscle tone and was overweight. That was 45 pounds ago. It’s made me a lot more mobile. Also, I have severe psoriatic arthritis, and Esta has really helped me to deal with it. I’m pretty much pain-free from arthritis, which really surprises me. She is tough on me, but she has to be there for my body to respond. I keep coming back because I’m getting healthier as I get older." - Judge Robert H.

"Esta has been a constant inspiration to me. I never exercised until I met her. She’s been my personal trainer, and I’ve taken her classes. I feel that what it’s done for me has been incredible. I have friends who are senior citizens like me who have bad knees and multiple surgeries. I walk two or three miles a day. She helps me with weight training and balance. I cannot say enough good things. Esta is full of life, and I would not say that about anybody else; I’m a big admirer. She’s kept me young!" - Beryl M.

"I’m a retired doctor. I was stuck in a rut, unable to lose weight, so I contacted Esta. Her program is helpful and informative. The changes she recommended were small but gave me big results. Adding Sprint 8 was an amazing change for me and my husband. Esta recommended specific dietary changes. When I started using her macro system, it changed the way I felt. Her course, her wisdom... I was able to control the sugar, and I felt a huge reduction in pain. I’m 72 years old and feel great!" - Dr. Maria B

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